Generally celebs come in a few types – music, TV, movies, and sports. When people become celebrities it’s usually because they are good at what they do. I tend to like the celebs that I actually think are talented. I also think I should point out that celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Britney and other nut jobs get pushed to the curb because they have talent, but its wasted talent. So I would like to present my list of people who are worthy of the status they have and their persona is not too out of whack to drive me away.

  • Howard Stern – Howard seems to bring along a negative stereotype of being a perverted, disgusting, and all around gross content. I will agree that some parts of the show are complete filth. I’m not grossed out by anything on there but I can see how people think that. I actually find that the majority of the show surrounded by the whack pack and other retard cast members they have to be completely boring. But I’m not sure I have ever heard a better interviewee in my life. He asks the hard questions, there’s never any awkward silences, he really keeps the interviewer on their toes. When he gets chances to interview real celebs like Seth McFarlane, Dane Cook, and Judd Apatow, he absolutely nails it time and time again. Whenever I don’t want to listen to music I see what Howard’s up to because it’ll most likely be entertaining. And to be a radio personality for 30+ years is just remarkable. I really respect what he’s been able to do for so long and to the people who find him obnoxious and degrading, go back to the sheltered life you like to live because you are afraid to step out of the box. I also like how Fred is still in touch with everything modern and how Gary knows his shit about music. I actually don’t even think Robin’s that bad.

  • Gaga – You’d think she’d fall in my too wacky dislike list but I can’t really explain why I like her style. I don’t know if you can say the music is good, but it’s without a doubt catchy and she just rattles off hit after hit. She intrigues me enough to keep up with what she’s doing next because it’s usually going to be big. Obviously talented and can play the Fame game. The quirky style just come along with Lady Gaga and when you can keep millions of fans loyal, you can look and be as crazy as you want.
    For anyone who hasn’t seen this, this is a bit disturbing but I really can’t imagine Gaga is a hermaphrodite. However for this reason it’s probably a good idea to not refer to her as hot.

    Dr Drew – I’m hooked on Celebrity Rehab. I know I got to the boat late but I just eat this show up. Dr. Drew is the center piece and I think you can learn a lot from his demeanor. He’s always real calm and for whatever reason people have this enormous trust with him. He gets on my like list because he is all about the right things. Someone asked him why he tries to cure the addicted when the success ratio is so slim and he responded with “it’s all worth it for the people that I do help.(or something like that)” He’s on Howard often enough and you can hear that he’s a genuine person. Also something to take note is that girls love him. I would assume girls crush on this guy instantly. He could probably bang everyone of his female patients if he wasn’t married.

    The Situation – He kind of goes against my principals but I think I could learn a lot from the way he acts. He’s a complete ego maniac but his confidence when he talks to girls and his ability to be sociable are areas that I wouldn’t say are my strong points. I liked when he was talking about the numbers game and you won’t get yes’s on every follow up, but if you keep at it eventually you’ll hook one. I have to work on the getting the numbers part before I can even play the game. His bad quality is his lack of empathy. He has no regard for how other people are feeling. He could really care less which makes him so unique. I wouldn’t want to hang out with him but I enjoy seeing what he’ll do next.

    Jessica Simpson – Besides the looks, I like her stupidity. She’s not the brightest crayon in the box, she probably can’t even find the box, but her stupidity gives her a sense of innocence. I think she takes a lot of heat for shit she probably has no idea what she even did. I like her because I feel bad for her because she’s always in the public’s eye. I honestly have no idea how celebs handle their lives everyday with how much attention they receive. It’s no surprise they need drugs and alcohol to get by. Jessica went through that fat phase for which she probably got eaten alive by the tabloids. Things like that make me feel bad for her but actually make me like her.

    Nicolas Cage – Sort of a weird one. I’ve heard critics say that he’s a terrible actor but there are a slew of movies that I thought were awesome back in highschool. Face-off, Con-air, The Rock, Gone in 60 seconds, I even liked Matchstick men. I think this was his pinnacle because I’ve never really even had a desire to see his newer movies. The other reason I like him is because he spends his money like it’s going out of style. He’s bought islands, tons of cars, castles, who even knows what else. Now he owes 13 million in taxes which should really be chump change for him. I just find people who do outrageous things entertaining.

    Dennis Rodman – To conclude my list with my only sports celeb, Dennis. Now that he’s on Celeb Rehab 3, he’s rekindled my interest. I actually had a poster on my wall when I was in middle school of Dennis. The wild hair colors, the bad boy attitude, and now his love of alcohol all make me like him more. Plus I’m having his auto-biography sent to me so I can catch up on his life. The only story I’ve heard was that he had to go to the hospital because he was banging Carmen Electra too hard and must have pulled out and missed her on the way back and slammed it against the bed post and bent his dick. I have no truth to this story but it’s what I heard through the grapevine. All in all an entertaining person.

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