Does anyone else love Bob Costas? I just look at him and think consummate professional. And yes I looked up consummate to make sure it was used correctly. Anything this man speaks I just nod my head and agree. Bob Costas doesn’t give false information. He has these notes that have size 3 font and he just never misses a beat. His speech is perfect and the guy just honestly owns announcing.

Moving on, does anyone else wonder how a country of 300 million is at the top of the leader board next to a country that is 4 times its size? Although I suppose shear size has nothing to do with it as India has no skill. My point though is that the USA is a melting pot of information and talent. We have Asian coaches, Black swimmers, and Cuban gymnasts. It’s just a really impressive display of why the United States is as worthy as we are. Aside from our financial ineptitude, they really shine at the Olympics.

A final thought, does anyone else get pissed off that the female volleyball players slap hands after every point? It’s just like, chill, you got a point, keep playing. It’s not like it’s the last point you are going to get of your career. It reminds me of the way NBA players slap hands after foul shots. Stop celebrating and play the goddamn game.