My dad and I have been driving into work together as of late and we sometimes listen to sports radio. I’m more of a music guy because I get tired of hearing about the same old topics. That being said, after listening to it more recently, I have a few more thoughts on the matter.

I want information more than I want their attempted humor. There’s a difference between being funny and staging trying to be funny. I really like the Mike and Mike show in the morning. They have knowledgeable guests who are mostly ESPN reporters and know what they are talking about. Mike and Mike take stances on topics which I’m always in favor of compared to objective reporting. It’s a non BS show. Compare that to Angelo in the morning and you have my point. Angelo really is the only reason the show works because he has an opinion and a personality. Al, Rhea, and Keith just sort of make unfunny jokes in the background. The guests are usually “jokish” guests in terms their validity like Conklin, Mayor Rendell and Arlen Specter. Yesterday, G Cobb is telling me that the Eagles are going to win over 11 games this season. This is such a homer answer that I just don’t want my news from these guys. They went 8-8 last year and won their last 5 meaningless games to accomplish that .500 record. I’ve met tons of fanboys over my life and I’ve learned to never trust a fanboy. WIP is just that.

The other obvious difference is that local sports get local callers and this is another part of the show which is pretty hit or miss. Yesterday there was a 19 year old who called in and Missinelli asked him if he was blazed? The kid was like “what’s that”, in this high nasally voice. It was actually pretty funny. However, most of the time you just have idiots from South Philly making ridiculous points of how the Phillies should get Justin Upton for Mayberry. The other problem is the monotony of slow sports times like these summer days. With the Olympics going on it gives them another topic to talk about but previously it was brutal. Comparing the 92′ Dream Team to today’s team isn’t a week long debate. They get stuck on topics too easily.

I don’t mind listening to sports talk but I can only take it in small doses. Hearing Mike Golic give his opinion on anything non-Football related makes me cringe. I want to hear my information from experts who have played the game. Not biased hosts who are just trying to make a show. Info over humor.