igg (g) Slang
tr.v. igged, igg·ing, iggs
To ignore or snub.

We can all thank Gourlay for pointing this word out to me. Perhaps used more often in other circles, it was new to me. I like this word because you have to be really careful using it, specifically playing basketball. We were playing yesterday and I ran about 6 games and am feeling completely zapped today. (Sorry, Bud & YoungCaseHo, I forgot to ask you.) It’s like I’m just a few levels below where I should be playing the game. I get these great positions and then just completely botch the layups. It happens sometimes where I’ll just be all over the O boards and then someone on the other team takes it upon themselves to face guard me and start hacking like crazy to shut me down. Fortunately, this doesn’t really stop anything I do because I hardly dribble and it just makes them easier to get passed when they over pursue me. It was a lot of fun though and I look forward to being able to recover and start playing more.

The weekend was pretty normal. My golf game has gotten worse and I think I know why. I read an article in a magazine about hitting your chips higher and softer so I’ve been opening the club face and trying it. Naturally it isn’t working like planned. My two best rounds this year were when I lost my sand wedge and was chipping with my A wedge. I just thought of it recently but this could attribute to some poor shots around the green. I’ve been driving the ball really well though and this only makes the game more frustrating because I leave myself with such great opportunities to make scores and just don’t. I was on a 525 yard par 5 in 2 though which doesn’t always happen. A standard 3 putt though proceeded.

I watched Breaking Bad last night which has been off to a relatively slow start compared to past season’s. They are working with Mike a lot though and I find him an extremely entertaining character and a great actor. Less Jesse though which is sort of a let down. I didn’t get a chance to watch Weeds and I’m about every episode behind in True Blood which I haven’t decided if I want to watch yet. I also still want to watch all the episodes of Workaholics. I’ve been playing a decent amount of chess which is eating my free time. I also started a book recommended by Brookes called the Art of Fielding. I’m about 75 pages through and I can tell it will be a book I will just roll through because it’s entertaining subject matter as it pertains to sports and psychology. Aside from that, my life is