There are somethings in life that really make you feel good when competing. It is part of the reason you will keep coming back to playing a game. I assume that this translates to more than just games and into people, food, and everything else in this world. Usually when you like something, you want to keep doing it. Here are feelings in things I do that make me want to keep doing it.

Chess – Triple forking a King, Queen, and another piece. This is essentially getting a knight that attacks all 3 pieces at once and generally screws the other player.

Ping-Pong – Slamming a persons serve right back in their face. There is nothing more demoralizing than having someone serve and immediately owning their effort.

Bowling – I think we all can agree that the Jersey Strike is in a class of it’s own. Most people use the pocket to hit strikes but when you rat out a Jersey Strike, people can’t help but hate you.

Golf – Long approach shots that end you a few feet from the cup are just tremendous. One of these shots a round can keep you coming back. Watching the ball in flight and then knowing that it has a chance to be good is a thing of beauty.

Some others that comes to mind would be blocking someones spike in volleyball, diving catches in baseball, PR’s in track, sinking the 8 ball on a break in pool or monster checks in hockey.