Yes. This is really corny but the Broad St run was an example of setting a goal and achieving it. I did so a tad unconventionally due to my lack of experience in longer road races compared to people I was running with. I finished under 60 minutes (59:44) and got about 160th out of 40,000. What I mean by unconventional is that I have more speed than the people I was running with, they however have more endurance. I started out the first 3 miles at 5:40 pace and was at least a minute under the goal of 60 minutes at 6 miles or so. However, after mile 7 I started fading pretty good. I fell off the 6 minute mile pace an into the 6:15 or so. At the ninth mile I had to do at least a 6:30 to break 60 and managed a 6:15. I really died during the last two miles and was getting passed repeatedly in that stretch. My race was taking it out too fast and dying at the end. More experienced runners run a steadier pace and are able to finish with a good kick compared to my limping in towards the finish. Overall though it was a perfect day for a run and I did what I set out to do. Success.