Who’s there? Not the Flyers in Game 2. I’m hoping people can appreciate this.

I watched last nights entire Flyers game for the first time all season. I think that it was a perfect example of why I don’t watch hockey. I found the game to be boring, slow, and lacking excitement. I think the Flyers had maybe 1 shot on goal in all of the second period. It was equivalent to soccer. The question on my mind the entire game was “how about them Sixers?”

I don’t consider myself an avid Philadelphia sports fan, I just consider myself a sports fan. I absolutely enjoy watching sports but I don’t enjoy getting behind teams just to get behind a team. Just because the Flyers are in the playoffs doesn’t mean you will see me wearing a Flyers jersey to watch the game. I didn’t support them during the season and I won’t support them now. I almost hope the Phillies have a terrible record this year to show how fake people are who I guarantee will stop watching them if they are out of the playoff race. I am all about the word “real”. If it isn’t real, it isn’t right. The sports world is filled with these fake fans.