If your an avid reader you’ll know that I spent the last week not seriously posting. This is the 4th post today and the 6th if you’re following my running blog. This has probably consumed about 2-3 hours of my life today. I’m basically sharing anything ranging from my life to things I think about. It’s almost criminal to write down everything I think so you can voyeur into my life. Obviously I’m joking with that last statement because I willingly share my life through this medium and only share what I want. But why do you care? Do I interest you? Am I arrogant because I think I interest you?

I can’t explain why sometimes I shut this outlet off and other times I feel compelled to write. There’s part of me that says who cares what other people think. Why share my thoughts with any random person? If I know something and believe in it than that’s what’s real. Sharing it with you is like feeling the need to please an audience. Like I’m all knowing and that what I write, you should care about. Why do I write the blog and you don’t? When I take time away from the blog these are questions I ponder. I think to myself, “I wonder who is wondering about me not writing about my life.” Yet the people out there who do wonder that never wonder it to me. This blog gets very negligible correspondence and that’s what makes it hard to justify such an effort to maintain it properly. For now though I will spend some time till Thursday loading it up with as much material as I can think of. This post fits nicely into the 3rd category below.

Great Minds Discuss Ideas
Average Minds Discuss Events
Small Minds Discuss People