I own a Jagermeister skull tshirt that the Shee got from shot girls one time and I’ve implemented it into my rotation, however, I still do not like the product. I’d describe the taste as a liquid licorice. It’s really sweet and doesn’t really taste like alcohol which is why I think people like it. For some reason I like my alcohol to taste like alcohol. I rarely use a chaser when doing shots but when your at a bar the most abundant chaser is beer, and beer and jager don’t mix. This liquor has made me puke before and its not because it’s too strong like a tequila, it’s because it’s too sweet and then it makes my mouth start seriously salivating and that’s when you know you are going to spew.

Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat Beer

This beer actually prompted this post. We have a 6 pack in our apartment for over 3 years now and that’s a near impossibility with a kind of beer I even moderately like. Even the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat was consumed. Wheat beer goes down as my least favorite type of beer and that expands way past Leinenkugel. I just like my beer like beer. IPA’s, Lagers or Ales are all acceptable in any form. Beers with wheat or fruit generally aren’t my kind. I will finish this 6 pack though before I move out.

Elivs Costello

I play XTC radio (more on this in a future post) a lot on Spotify and Elvis Cotello is constantly coming up. A few songs I find tolerable are Veronica, Pump it Up, Every Day I Write the Book and Watching the Detectives. Notice I don’t even say these are great songs but I can listen to them without turning him off. I just don’t know what’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding. His music is just so boring and plain and not worth listening to. I feel like he’s a guy who gets tons of acclaim but his music is just average. I read his wikipedia and apparently his lyrics are really witty and he’s a “pop encyclopedia” but I don’t think that saves his music considering I don’t even listen to the lyrics because I can’t stand listening to the song.