This article on Yahoo is why I can’t stand professional sports. Here is the video:

I know this is the Philippines but we see this all of the time in sports everywhere whether it be the NBA, NFL, or Soccer. This type of unsportsmanlike conduct ruins the integrity of the game. Athletes who do this deserve to be thrown out of games. I understand that the idea of a game is to win and do whatever it takes but acts like this are going too far. What’s worse is that the refs who fall for this type of behavior just prove that they have no clue what they are doing. So not only are the players making a mockery of the game but they make refs who fall for it look stupid. As a general sports fan, this type of behavior and mindset in sports makes me not want to follow the leagues because they are a joke. If the players feel the need to sink to cheap levels, I have no interest in watching. I think that’s why everyone prefers this time of year in the NCAA Men’s BBall tourney because they lay it all on the line without this undermining taking place. All leagues need to implement penalties for this type of behavior. Some good examples in all sports:

Finally one with some creativity.