There is someone who I’m around on a daily basis who has one of the worst traits I know. This trait is being indifferent. We usually eat lunch together and everyday around lunch I ask the question “what do you want for lunch?” Everyday it’s the same answer, “I don’t care, what do you want to do?” This is so annoying because the person actually does care. He cares more than anyone I know. Yet he puts me in the spot to pick something he doesn’t like, have him be unhappy, and it puts us in a situation that would be completely avoided if the question was just answered honestly. So what’s been happening is whenever it gets turned on me with “what do you want to do”, I just make a decision. I say “this is what I’m getting, what do you want?” It’s odd too because the person thinks they are being easy by being indifferent. However, by not being honest about what they want just makes it worse.

I have another friend who has decided to change his persona and start acting nice to people. Complimenting them, agreeing with them, and basically becoming a pushover if the other party wants to abuse this. I have nothing against being nice to people but this is someone who I’m pretty close with and I actually liked the other character more than the new and improved. I don’t need people who agree with me or want to do everything I want to do. I like people who are honest and can rip on people and can take jokes. What happens is that this person almost loses credibility and respect because I can’t take him seriously anymore. It’s one thing to influence people a certain way but your friends are your friends because they like you for being yourself.