There are some words which seem to have more of an effect than others. Basically words that everyone uses are good, nice, fine, ok, but these aren’t stand out words. These words I described are just words that you hear in conversation but they don’t really mean anything. I want to go over a few words that actually have an impact.

Solution This word makes you sound smart. Whenever you are problem solving, using the world solution is key. It basically shows that your intention is finding the end goal which makes you look like you know what you’re doing. “The client is getting carpal tunnel syndrome from using our software.” The response “well lets find a solution”. Whether you are able to find one or not doesn’t really matter as long as you point out that you are trying to reach the end goal. This word works in so many spot and you can actually sound intelligent to superiors because everyone wants the “solution”.

Bitch – The ultimate insult. Being called a little bitch is about the last thing anyone wants to be called. It completely emasculates any male and they will do anything in their power to prove they aren’t a bitch. Plus if you take the word little away and just call them a bitch it also is associating them with a pussy which is also another good insult word. A pussy makes you more a wimp but a bitch means that you are actually scared to do something. If someone is complaining just tell them to “stop whining like a little bitch” and see if that shuts them up.

Lame & Pathetic – Both strong words that pack a punch. Calling things lame is something that I don’t hear very often. It’s like saying it’s completely boring and sucks but since everyone uses the word sucks, it has no meaning any more. Calling it lame means it’s guaranteed to be not any fun. Pathetic fits in the same boat but works better when something is done poorly. Like “that attempt was pathetic.” Its just not a word you want associated with yourself. Both words though don’t get used enough and can fill in many situations nicely.