I find this cruise accident fairly interesting for a few reasons other than the captain’s bizarre behavior. The boat was traveling with 3,200 guest and 1,000 crew members. There are reportedly 11 people dead and another 21 are missing. My initial reaction was how on Earth are people dying and going missing? There’s a giant cruise ship by the coastline that hit a rock, just get a life jacket and stay near this huge freaking boat. I feel like I would be able to tread water for a few hours if need be with no jacket. That should be plenty of time before someone could come and assist you especially because this crash occurred near the coast of Tuscany. What I believe happens though is that these older folks were unable to stay afloat even with a life jacket. How 21 are still missing is beyond me as well. You’re either there or you aren’t. I was reading that the captain had gone off route to show of the 450 million dollar cruise liner to the island resident of Tuscany. I guess he gave them quite a view.