Nathan Hafer gets an obligatory “shout out” due to the comment left below. He has one of the best AC poker winrates I know, for being such an uber donk. I can’t remember all the “blog this” references but if I wrote all of them that he commented on, I would have a blog consisting of retarded drunk moments that people might actually enjoy (next time I’ll jot them down). It’s nice to know that there is actually an audience from time to time instead of the feeling that I’m just writing to myself. I had 20 hits on a Monday which is pretty good but unfortunately I had no new material which makes me think people will remember my lack of motivation over the weekend and abandon ship.

This marks my 100th post which started on 4/20 (just a coincidence). I wish I had some good, over the top material that people would come away thinking, wow that was really a good read. I don’t. However I will list 100 things that I find strange, bizarre, interesting, or odd (broken up in 5 parts of 20).
1) I’ve done my laundry with fabric softener for months without noticing the difference.
2) My socks come out of the dryer inside out and I always thought the dryer did it but my mom says its the way you put them in.
3) I like green apples and grapes but dislike the reds or purples.
4) I used to drink little hugs, iced tea sssips, and ecto cooler like it was my job
5) This guy who opens the door for me at dunkin donuts doesn’t have a cup so I’m not sure if I should tip him or not
6) I’ve never been in a car accident and don’t believe in jinxes, just my superior driving ability
7) I spend a full 20 dollars on a haircut that retails for 16. If it was 15, I’d only pay 18.
8) I swap toothbrushes every 2 months or so, if you don’t swap more than this just think of all the germs that those bristles acquire.
9) I haven’t used a comb in 20 years. Never in my life have I used gel.
10) Wearing colors other than blue, gray, or black makes me feel like I’m standing out.
11) Never had a broken bone but Tim O’hara knocked out my teeth in elementary school in a game of smear the queer, or quirrel the squirrel but I don’t think I’m writing that right.
12) People who pay for things under 10 dollars with cards, tilt me.
13) I broke a 5 minute mile at the age of 15 and I can still break it 11 years later.
14) Most people know this, but I didn’t have an unexcused absence from school starting with kindergarten and ending in high school. Pathetic really. However, I really think that one year towards the end of the year I missed one to go on vacation early but for some reason since it was the end, they didn’t get it.
15) I wear contacts now but I didn’t until 10th grade. I had glasses since 3rd grade but refused to wear them. In 8th Grade I was in Mr. Seiger’s class and got bad grades due to my self consciousness (although I don’t remember being terrific at the algebra anyhow). I would like to point out that I did put the glasses on one time to see the board and Chung Lee looked over and started cracking up and that caused me years of inability to see the board.
16) I visit the dentist every 6 months and get yelled at that I don’t floss every visit but I feel so far above everyone I run into who says they haven’t been there for years but of course “they brush really hard so there is nothing to worry about”.
17) When people use “you know” in a sentence, the only thing it means is that they don’t know.
18) The easiest way to sleep is on your back with your hands at your side. If I put my hands on my chest and feel my heart beat, it really freaks me out.
19) I used to love Vanilla milk shakes from McDonalds but I stopped getting them because sometimes the strawberry would get mixed in with the syrup and then it just wasn’t the same taste. I also cut out ice cream and chocolate from my diet, so that probably has something to do with it.
20) I’ve not once had to cut my arm pit hairs and I really can’t understand why. Do they stop growing once they hit a point or what?

21-40 Tomorrow.