This is the worst collaboration on a song, ever. Mick Jagger must need the money because he is tarnishing his reputation. First off, he has about 4 lines and they all come at the end of the song. J Lo does a little chorus to get her name (it’s bad and repetitive) on the song and Will.I.Am (such a stupid name) does some below average “rapping” throughout. The song reminds me of another song “Moves Like Jagger” which has a main artist (Adam Levine) do the entire song and you throw on some random bs by a named artist (Christina Aguilera). Problem is that this song is about 10x worse. This seriously bothers me because kids growing up probably have no idea who Mick Jagger is and stick his name with this song. I know the Stones have been around since the 60’s but they haven’t made a good album since the 80’s. Meaning younger people have no idea who Mick Jagger is. To hear him on this track makes my head spin because he just doesn’t belong. I can’t tell if it’s autotune but I think his singing days are in the past. His manager needs to give him some better advice.