I just read this article that explained how PSU students were rioting because of the decision to fire Joe Paterno. We need to step away from Happy Valley here and really understand why vocally supporting JoePa makes you a clueless moron who is just being pulled by group think (I’m not sure you’ll find many supporters for JoePa outside of Happy Valley). To be as brief as possible regarding the situation, JoePa told the athletic director, who is also corrupt, about an incident where his former defensive coordinator was found raping a young child. You spend the next 10 years acting like nothing happened (and feeling you did your part) because you don’t want the bad publicity that comes along with it. After reaching your milestone in wins, coincidentally the story comes out (can someone explain why it took so long) and all hell breaks loose. He lived with this information knowing that a monster was on the loose. This monster is probably his friend but he had the power to stop this and he chose not to. This man is one of the most powerful men at PSU and if he spoke, people would listen. This is bigger than football. Joe Paterno lived with this information and did nothing year after year because he wanted a record. He put the game ahead of humanity and I honestly believe that. I know he’s done tons of good for the organization but I for one have to wonder what goes through the minds of these frenzied fans if this is the reality of the situation. Supporting him is supporting immoral, irresponsible and inappropriate behavior.