Steve has been working from 5pm to 7am and that got me thinking about weird hours. Out of all the 24 hours, 3-4am is easily the best time to do something when nobody would know what you’re doing. First off it has to be dark so that eliminates any hours with light. People are still awake until say 8pm and the 8pm – 12pm is when normal people start going to sleep. Bars close at 2am so people will still be roaming around to 3. At 5 am there are people who wake up early to commute and such. That leaves between 3-4 and 4-5 and I think if I was going to do something illegal, I’d do it during these hours. I don’t really have something in mind but I just feel like there is hardly anything going on and you have carte blanche of the night. What also spurred this strange topic is that I was going on a run through Valley Green and I started at about 5:30. I started at my place and picked up the trail about a mile away from the hotel. I then ran to the street and started back. On my way back it started to get dark. Pitch black dark to the point that I couldn’t exactly see where I was running. This got me thinking that this was a perfect time for someone to rob me. We are in the middle of nowhere, no cops are around and you could technically kill me and get away with it. Since it was 6:30pm, I assume these murderers in the woods aren’t around yet but I bet at 3-4 am it would be a different story.