On Saturday, Primetime played the Eskimo Brothers in our weekly co-ed football game. The game started off rocky with Bake throwing a pick on the 2nd or 3rd play of the game. Our defense let up a TD and then, if my memory serves me correctly, Bake threw another pick and they scored again. Down 12-0, the offense kept it together and ended up scoring to bring the game closer. I think it then went score, score to have the game at 19-14 and then a fluke play with 13 seconds in the half happened. They threw a hail mary into triple coverage and the ball was tipped right into their players hands for a TD. Down 2 scores we went into halftime a bit dejected. A defensive adjustment made at the half proved to work well and I caught a lucky break for a pick 6. The defense held again and Big Steve got in the endzone to bust his TD cherry for the team. Toward the end of the game with us being up a few points, Kope picked off their QB near our end zone and the offense sealed the deal. It was probably a closer game than it should have been. Lets of course not forget that CK4 injured his shoulder on a play over the middle and will be sidelined until he feels he’s ready to come back.

Big ups to the Shee for his anything but “lock” of the century in the Denver Broncos heroic comeback with 3 minutes to play. I was giving 2 points and they were down 15-0 with probably 7 minutes left in the 4th. They scored, recovered an onside kick, scored again and Tebow converted. A fg in OT netted me 150 bucks on a big bet on the sure fire “lock”. My fantasy teams have been pretty inconsistent but it looks like I’m going 2-2 this week with a 5th game a toss up. I need Anquan Boldin to score less than 10. This has been an ok season with my teams being 2 5-2’s, 2 3-4’s, and a 1-5 (hopefully 2-5). Hopefully the Run DMC injury isn’t serious. Nothing else of any interest this weekend though.