So I’ve finally stumbled on to a subject that I think is worthwhile to write about. I went to the gym for the first time since running season has officially ended for me. When it’s nice out, I stop going to the gym and just stay in shape by running outside. After the distance run, I start going to the gym and lifting weights to get stronger. It’s nice because it breaks up the monotony of running. Anyway, my arm strength is extremely weak and I’m weighing in at 178. My ideal weight would be closer to 170. I just got really sidetracked but I felt the need to preface this post with the notion that working out can spur ideas because it generally makes you feel better. Plus I need some filler because my idea for this post is really just one thought that I have to turn into an entry.

This paragraph should have started this entry. My brother Jeff is taking a one way flight to New Zealand on October 2nd. He will be traveling there for a year with his girlfriend Nicole. I’ve added the link to their blog (that they haven’t started updating) in my blogroll for future reference. It should be quite an experience and I’m sure there will be tons of good stories. Their blog will focus on their trip but this entry will focus on the title of this post. I won’t get to see Jeff for an entire year. He graduated college over 2 years ago and I just take for granted that we could have hung out whenever we wanted. It’s going to be difficult to hang out when he’s in New Zealand. It makes me wonder why we didn’t hang out more when we had the chance. This isn’t saying that we never see each other because we do. It’s the realization that people come and go and you have to MAKE the time to spend together. I think this is where I didn’t try hard enough. A good way to spend time with someone is to have a weekly routine. Something that’s the same thing every week. When The Rock lived at home, we used to go to trivia every Tuesday night at the same time. This kept our friendship close and it’s how you strengthen relationships. I regret not doing this with my Bro because there was no reason not to. Most of these nights I’m sitting here reading a book or watching TV instead of missing out on the opportunity to hang out with my brother who I won’t see for a year. I’m sure it happens to everyone and it’s really just the way of life.

I also want to mention that I’m not sad that Jeff is going away and I’m not going to miss him. I don’t feel that way about people. He’s doing his own thing and as long as he’s happy, I’m happy for him. But I’m not going to cry when he boards his plane and I won’t see him again for a year. I know that seems sort of cold I’m not really sure what the proper emotion is. There is nothing with his situation that should make me feel sad that he’s leaving. He’s going to a foreign land and will spend a year doing awesome things and having fun. He should be crying for me because I’m stuck in PA. I know my mom will be bawling when he goes. The only thing I’m sad about is looking back on all those days and not spending more time together. That’s what bothers me more than not seeing him for a year, missing the opportunity when it was there.