It’s funny when celebrities have babies because the children grow up in a completely different world than the mass population. Everything is provided for them, they never have to work, they pretty much can do as they please. This is also why they end up with drug problems, DUI’s, sex tapes, and other amusing stories to make their parents proud. I’ve chosen a few of my favorite and just want to give a run down of my thoughts.

Connor Cruise

HUH?!? You’ll notice he’s black and he’s the son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Obviously adopted. Who wants to put a child, he’s 15 now, through this type of celeb pop culture. What married couple thinks to themselves, hmmmm, lets adopt a black baby so we can really stand out as caring and giving back. Hey Angelina and Brad you might want to listen to this, picking out kids isn’t like a pet store where you get to choose which one is the cutest. It’s great that this kid gets to live a far better life than he would otherwise but what a weird situation to grow up in especially when the parents are now divorced. Not to mention they both were able to have biological children with different mates, Cruise with Holmes and Kidman with Urban. If the kid was white I wouldn’t think anything of it but I just don’t get the thought process. Off topic, does anyone else think Nicole Kidman is the most boring actress on the planet and I can’t say I’ve ever liked one things she’s been in.

Willow Smith

This little kid is 10 years old. I feel bad that she won’t see a normal childhood and will probably turn at some point in her life. Will and Jada have plenty of money that their children don’t have to work at a meager age of 10. Sure she gets the exposure at a young age and probably won’t ever leave the limelight, but I just feel bad for her. That can’t be her real voice singing whip my hair because I swore it was Rihanna and 10 year olds can’t sound like Rihanna. Plus her eyes make her look Asian. I don’t hate on the child, I just think it’s too much at a young age.

Sadie and Sunny Sandler

Little know Sandler is married to Jacqueline Samantha Titone, who I’ve never even heard of and they have these two monstrosities. I’m not sure if Adam Sandler is that good looking of a guy but these two girls are fugly. No acting career for them growing up. The wife is good looking so it’s obviously Adam’s fault. I have no problems with Sandler either. He pretty much moved into a huge drawing actor starting from the ground up and I respect that. He’s made some dud movies but the guy has so much money that he probably doesn’t even care and just makes the movies however he sees fit and if people like them great, if not they can go fuck themselves. But these kids have no future.

Suri Cruise

Now look at this little adorable girl. This is a masterpiece from the amazing, good looking genes of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. There is no bad things anyone can say about two gorgeous people getting together to produce this little baby cutie. We will be seeing her in the tabloids throughout her entire life so get used to her. I hope nothing bad on this child because she is a little angel.

Montana Fishburne

Easily the best one. Decides to be a rebel and express herself by making a sex tape. Morpheus obviously was against this but to his dismay, here we are. I’ve watched the tape before and I found it to be moderately boring. She’s a decent looking girl but if she wasn’t Laurence Fishburne’s daughter she’d be another run of the mill porn star. This is what happens when good girls go bad.