New episodes of Storage Wars aired tonight 8.31.11. It started off with my favorite characters in conflict. Dave Hester and Jarrod were squaring off in actual “real” reality tv. Jarrod was being immature and Dave got all up in his grill and basically told him not to fuck around with him while he was working. Dave’s actions were completely warranted because Jarrod thinks he can act however he wants and Dave pretty much put him in his place. What I disliked the most was Jarrod’s attitude to not say “I’m sorry” and acted like a tough guy looking to throw down. It was all good TV and just made me respect Dave more and Jarrod less. Brandi was looking good by the way.

This episode was pretty interesting in the bidding process. The animosity between Dave and Jarrod was apparent and neither wanted to let the other have the locker. They both sort of got the best of each other in the end. Plus it’s so obvious that Jarrod is the amateur, he’s starting to carry a flashlight around like Dave now. Barry is still hilarious expecting to find these hidden treasures in the random spaces of lockers. Darrell is actually starting to grow on me a bit because he does possess some knowledge. Dave thinking he got a million dollar violin was pretty funny when the cold hard truth was it was 100 bucks. The best part of tonight’s episode was the Unlocked portion though.

A few random things I picked up on:

  • You can still tell that Dave and Jarrod hate each other.
  • Brandi and Jarrod aren’t married but have two kids.
  • Everyone thinks Dave is an asshole which makes me like him more because he is the show. He makes the other characters better.
  • The characters get outbid on 20-30 lockers but they only show the ones they win. Also they buy plenty of lockers that have nothing in them but that never gets aired as well.
  • The new show in Texas will flop. The characters suck. This show will stop being popular in 1-2 years.