I had my first draft last night and somehow find myself in 5 leagues this year. It’s a bit overwhelming but I do find it fun so I’m not complaining. It was only a 10 team league and I thought I made out OK considering I had the 9th pick. At 9, I passed on both Michael Turner and MJD and went with Andre Johnson. Coming back Rashard Mendenhall was still around so I snagged him. I don’t see either of the aforementioned back having big years and I’m just not going to pick a RB just on name. This may have been a mistake but its what makes fantasy football interesting. I got Vincent Jackson in the 3rd round and Gates in the 4th. I know most people don’t draft Gates this early but he has the potential to be a top 10 leader in points among RECEIVERS let alone TE’s. If I didn’t get him then, someone else would get him. Romo was my next pick and I took Fred Jackson as my other RB which I wasn’t happy with but I chose him over Ryan Mathews, Beanie, and Benson. I got Brandon Marshall and Joseph Addai next and I think choosing Addai over Ryan Grant might have been costly. I did manage to get James Starks as another possibility at RB. The Jet’s D, Santana Moss, Lance Moore, Rashad Jennings and Pierre Thomas rounded out my team. There are certainly some question marks at RB but I felt like I got some depth.

I also watched the new Entourage on HBOGo. Not the one this past Sunday but the actual new one and it was horrible. It’s the second to last episode and the whole show is a mess. The Sloane-E thing is boring as hell, Vince’s love for the Vanity Fair writer seems so lame to conclude a 8 season series. Turtle becoming a millionaire because of Vince was a giant “who cares.” The whole show was pretty bad and I think it needs to be put to rest.