I watched a lot of TV yesterday. More TV than the healthy dosage. I woke up at 10:30 or so after not going out because of the hurricane. I probably started my dad at 11 or so and kicked it off with The Sopranos. For the entire day, I probably watched about 5 Soprano’s episodes. I’m on episode 71 and only have 14 episodes of the entire series left. I’ll have a whole big write up after I finish. I also watched the two Jersey Shore episodes where the Situation knocked himself out in a hyped up total let down episode from MTV. I watched the American Ninja Warrior 2 hour finale where 10 competitors tried to beat Mt Midoriyama. 4 got to stage 3 and all 4 lost on the cliff hanger in another anti-climatic viewing. After that I sat there and watched True Blood, Curb, and Entourage. True Blood has lost me, Curb was good as usual and Entourage really needs to just end. Bobby Flay did call Mrs. Ari Melissa though which was different. I’m going to watch the next episode on HBOGo tonight. I did manage to go for a run but it was pretty much a waste of a day. Nevertheless, I’m almost done with my TV watching and hopefully will get more active after 14 more episodes of the Sopranos. Nothing else though other than that.