I felt some nostalgia thinking about how for some people these are the last few days of summer before school starts. I think this is about my 6th year away from taking any sort of class and my views on school change when I’m away for so long. School was a fine part of my life but the experience I got from working these years makes me realize how much a waste my “education” was. Now I’m not saying I didn’t learn anything or I didn’t benefit from the life experience that is college, but I do think our education process is pretty much learning in a sheltered bubble. Plus the learning is a lot of useless material. I feel bad for people who get caught up in having to spend years of their prime studying because that’s what society forces them to do. Studying 4 years of business for my undergrad taught me 0 about how to succeed in “real life business.”

I pose this question because my roommate spent 3 years in medical school, would you be more prepared from those 3 years of school or say 1 year of shadowing a doctor. You’d spend 8 hours a day with him monitoring every situation he encounters. My opinion is you’d gain more experience and be more prepared from only one year of the real world compared to 3 years in a bubble. Obviously the resources don’t allow my specific scenario but you get the point. Actually doing the work compared to reading and learning the work are two different worlds. College didn’t teach me how to sell hand tools. Coming to work for the past 6 years did and I guarantee I’d be even further ahead if I bypassed college completely. Now this is specific to my situation because I had a nice job already lined up but it still should signify the importance of college.