I know I’m constantly whining about comments and I just want to throw something out there. A way of measuring how good your post is, is seeing how many comments you get. Now, sometimes a shitty post can get one retarded comment and than more retarded comments and that would disprove me whole theory but generally getting readers involved in your site is a good way to create loyalty and to enhance the experience from coming to the website. Here is my question. Do you read the comments on my posts? If it shows one comment on the post, do you click to see what it says? My personal feeling is that I’m always interested in what someone else wrote about the post even if I had little interest. Reading what other people feel about an entry not only gives insight to the entry but insight into the person making the comment. Comments are a way for the reader to shine. I promise you, 9 times out of 10, people who come to the site read the comments on the post if there are any. You have the power to make my blog more interesting but most of my posts go left without a comment. If you’ve been lurking and reading this blog for years, you are earning an F in the participation of this class. People get scared to comment because they think people are judging them? I’m not asking for every person to comment on every post but if you enjoyed the entry, disagree with me, think I’m spot on, etc… it makes my blog better.