So the blog has another big day on Friday with over 500 people visiting it. It amazes me that so many people search for information on Storage Wars but that’s OK with me. Unfortunately the bounce rate is close to 85% which means that anyone who clicks on the site is almost instantly leaving it. I can’t really control that though. I also got a thumbs up on my youtube video of why Jason Bateman sucks. The guy wrote:

“FUCKING AWESOME VIDEO BRO. LMFAO. YOU SAID IT BROTHER. Sorry for the all caps, but this is a subject feel passionate about. I keep watching Jason Bateman in all these new movies, and I have to wonder who’s dick he must be sucking to be getting an endless roles. Why him, he REALLY just cannot act, plus he’s an unlikable schmuck, I mean what is there to him? Nothing deeper behind the brainless mess we’ve had to endure. I’m sure he is probably a nice´╗┐ guy, but geesh, good God, he can’t act!!!”

Personally I think the video is kind of shitty but I’m glad that someone liked it. Getting random people to comment on stuff is sort of winning feeling for the blogger. It basically validates that your not completely retarded because there’s at least one other person in the world who is just as retarded. I know it sounds sort of odd but unless you have a website you don’t know what it feels like to create new content, have people read it, and than have no idea what people think about it. It’s just complete trial and error. You’ll notice I pretty much have stopped writing about my personal life. I came to the conclusion that sharing what’s going on with me serves no purpose. When it comes to living life, people care about their own more than anything else. I just try to use this blog as a means of entertainment and if people read what I write, all the better.