I figured I’d take a minute after watching the episode to give some thoughts. Snookie is looking half decent after the weight she lost. Seeing her become a health nut is sort of unusual. JWoww looks like an alien. I think Roger has her working out too much or something. I thought Sammi looks pretty good and was pretty normal for the episode. Deena’s face looks like butt. The Pauly/Vinny bromance is gay and over the top. Ronnie is an alcoholic and Situation is going to get his ass kicked.

The episode was really lame by the way. I think they have a horrible thing going with the fact that they can’t speak to the locals. Watching the gang dance amongst themselves is really boring. The Situation/Snookie connection came out of nowhere and the fight that ensues should make for good drama. Aside from that the show was horrible. If you watched this show for the first time you’d never watch again. Unfortunately, I have nothing better to do.