If I ran for President, “know what you’re doing” would be my campaign slogan. When creating a campaign slogan I assume you’d want it to be extremely broad so that everyone can feel and get behind the slogan. This particular slogan applies to everyone I know. My goal would be to get people to think before they act. When things don’t work out, I feel like the majority of the time it’s because they are being stupid. Now the problem lies with the fact that everyone most likely thinks they know what they are doing or else you’d hope they wouldn’t be doing it. Let’s take some for instances:

Anyone who is swimming in debt most likely doesn’t know what they’re doing. If you don’t have any money, you shouldn’t be spending money. Know what you’re doing.

If you don’t have any money, you shouldn’t be raising a family with the idea that the gov’t will pay for your family. Know what you’re doing.

If you weigh 300 lbs it’s probably not a good idea to continue snarfing down food and feeling sorry for yourself because you weight 300 lbs. Know what you’re doing.

Everybody loves to blame the gov’t (as do I) but our society is just as much to blame for being the huge fuck ups they are. If people were more proactive and we had leadership that could actually bring people together to achieve common goals, America might not be transforming into this pathetic debt wonder of the world. Let’s also not forget to mention our corrupt Gov’t and Wall Street who also need to “know what they’re doing.” Or better yet they know but they are content on screwing over the people for their own prosperity and greed.

I’m also well aware I’m one stupid person with one stupid opinion and the ability to achieve this is harder than something one blog post can solve. The masses are just stupid and if you can’t answer the question that is posed in this title, you probably are part of the stupid masses. Ask yourself, what do I bring to society? I can answer this by saying I supply various tools to contractors across the nation. A rather small contribution but it’s better than sitting on my ass eating McDonald’s and wondering what went wrong. I don’t know what stems these posts from time to time but things just don’t seem to be getting better and this is just expressing frustration. Know what you’re doing at all times.