Congresswoman Gifford came back to cast her vote in approval to raise the debt ceiling on Monday. Is it just me or is anyone else think this is too soon? Back in January she was shot in the head by the crazed psycho Jared Loughner. Loughner is currently in Federal prison suffering from schizophrenia. He is being forced to take medication and I would say that might be necessary after reading this about him:

“He also reported that the radio was talking to him and inserting thoughts into his mind,” prison reports said. He began pacing his cell, screaming loudly, and crying for hours at a time. In mid-July, he told a prison doctor, “I want do die. Give me the injection, kill me now.” A federal court declined to stop the prison from resuming the forced medication.

Back to Gifford and what my point of this post is. Why is someone who was shot in the head 8 months ago allowed to take part in a vote by Congress? Call me cruel but wouldn’t a bullet to the head be enough evidence to warrant a substitute? She made a miraculous recovery but shouldn’t Congress take a reality check? This woman should be worried about walking and speaking, not whether or not we should be raising the debt ceiling. How does she even up to date on current events? Now this is strictly an outsiders point of view but this seems completely zany to me. If Congress doesn’t see anything wrong with this, I see a lot wrong with Congress.