You’ll see that I added a forum at the top of the page. With all the participation that I get through the comments to my posts, I don’t exactly expect to get much out of this. It’s more of something to have but you never know, it might be a hit. I’ve created a couple of topics but feel free to create your own. Know that at least I’ll respond.

In other news, it’s the weekend. I got a bit too bombed last weekend and I need to keep it in check this weekend. I’m considering doing the Sea Isle 10 miler next weekend so that would give me some motivation not to get wrecked this weekend. I also plan on playing golf a couple of times this weekend. We are probably going to play Riverwinds on Saturday and Lederach on Sunday. It’s just CK4 and I on Saturday. If anyone reads this and is interested in playing call, text, or email me.