I sometimes point out how today’s pop music isn’t very good and I want to give a reasonable explanation at why. Let’s take a song that’s been extremely popular recently, “Give me Everything” by Pitbull and Ne-yo , and dissect what’s wrong with it. One line in particular by Pitbull is awful “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” Using a Lindsay Lohan reference should immediately tarnish your song. Yes, he is using her most well known character trait of being constantly jailed, but I just couldn’t sit down and write a lyric like that and think I’m creating an amazing piece of work. Another obscure lyric in the song is “Gettin’ money like Seacrest.” He’s #44 on Forbes Celebrity power list making 51 million dollars this year. I’m not going to argue he isn’t making money but seriously? It’s Ryan fucking Seacrest and he’s getting references in the most played song out right now. It just shows the lyrics have nothing to do with the popularity. My thoughts are people probably like the lyrics and how dumbed down an “witty” they are. If it sounds good and people are hypnotized by it, it’s a winner.

I’m creating a new paragraph to give the real reason why today’s pop music sucks and it far surpasses the boneheaded lyrics. People like today’s music because songs can have a hook that is catchy which lures them in and this is easy for current record producers to create. The real reason these songs suck is because anyone in the industry can come up with “Give me Everything.” If you substitute Chris Brown for Ne-Yo and Flo-Rida for Pitbull, they can make the same song. Try substituting the Beatles for any Bruce Springsteen song. Or The Rolling Stones for Led Zeppelin. It’s just not the same. The best bands have their own identities and play their own music. Song’s today are just factory churned pieces of garbage. I’m also not saying everything being created today is terrible. I heard an interview with Lady Gaga on Howard Stern and she was amazing singing and playing the piano. Plus, she explained the lyrics to her songs and they actually have meaning. Being talented, having your own identity and creating lyrics with meaning = good music. So consider this when you hear a song and think it’s good because if it’s only the hook that makes it good, it’s not.