Phil’s 5k was tonight. I probably placed about 20th of 700. I ran a 17:45 which should equate to 5:50 miles or so. I felt pretty good throughout the entire race but I’m just not in good enough shape to run a formidable time. If you look at the top 100 time for the race, I’d say about 10 are over the age of 26. The bottom line is that I’m not getting faster. I did out sprint a female in the last 50 meters to say that I wasn’t beat by a girl which should give me some credibility. A 5k goes by fast compared to longer races and I will admit that’s about as good as I can do.

After the race I decided to go to the bar. I had one shot of rumplemintz and about 6 beers. It messed me up pretty good considering I didn’t eat dinner. I ate a roast beef sandwich at Kildare’s but I was pretty much spent after beer number 6. Don’t forget these beers are pints and they are at least 5% abv. I was/am pretty drunk as I’m typing this but I figured people appreciate posts in different forms. I’m listening to Jim Croce by the way. Songs in order Operator, Time in a Bottle, I got a name.