I don’t get the sun visor in the car. When you have the sun beaming straight on at you, it is difficult to see because of the glare. Personally, I’m a squinter. The alternative is to use the sun visor. So they have this enormous visor that you can put down, that covers half your windshield to block the sun. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me this takes driving while barely able to see because of the brightness, to a situation where now I can only see out of half the windshield and am still blinded by the light. I guess you could suggest sunglasses but that’s just another accessory I don’t understand. Sunglasses don’t make me look cool. People like the idea of having other people not being able to look at their eyes while still being able to stare them square in the eye. I have a problem with making eye contact for extended periods of time, so maybe I’m in the market for some shades. For me, after looking into someones eyes for more than a quick glance I get creeped out. I think I may experiment with the subjects around me and see how long other people can make eye contact without shying away. This will force me to hold the gaze. It’s like I’ll be having a staring contest with me being the only one playing. Games by yourself that only have one winner are usually fun.

Another thing when I have to deal with people, when I have a blog and I write down the majority of things that I’m doing or have done, it puts me at a disadvantage in every conversation I go into. If you read this and you try to talk to me and you know I’m having a secret staring contest, then my experiment is going to get false results. It works the same way with topics of conversation. Someone asks me what’s new, I start to talk about something I wrote about in my blog and they stop me mid sentence to tell me that they already know. Just great, like I have a plethora of topics I can turn to to strike up conversation. I run off of a few go to topics that I don’t like to have altered. Maybe I’ll just start making stuff up in this blog to give people the wrong impression so that when I talk to them I can act this alter ego. I can live two lives, normal Tom and then the falsified version who I can create on my own accord. Honestly though, for the amount of people who read this, I’m making way too much of it. I’m mostly just doing it for the enjoyment of this post.