A comment on my worst jobs post that some people might miss because they don’t scroll down every time they visit the site. Plus I can have some fun with this one.

I’m curious… what creditably do you posses to be able to claim one of the worst jobs to be a Fundraising Software Salesman for Non-Profits? What about the boss of the person who is supposed to be using the software their non-profit pays for? Obviously, there is a need to manage the fundraising efforts of the organization. Have you asked yourself why that boss isn’t using the tools available to him? I would think the non-profit is paying more for that boss’ salary than their SAAS. And why hasn’t that boss called to cancel their SAAS?

Personally, I think the Ice Salesmen of the Arctic are the real scumbags of the earth.

I’ll just run through your questions and my answers.

  • Let’s start with my “creditably” which I assume is “Credibility”. The blogging world, and business world, know that spelling errors immediately discredit any opinion by misspeller. As I spell things wrong from time to time, we can overlook this.
  • Concerning my credibility. My credibility is derived from the absolute fact that I’m never wrong. When I am wrong, I admit I’m wrong, thus making me right again.
  • Now regarding my credibility within the fund-raising industry and how I can make claims such as a fundraising software salesman being the worst job in the world. Aside from hearing about it on a daily basis like it is breaking news, I have none.
  • Is it the bosses responsibility to utilize the software? Of course. However, when the boss is an 80 year old volunteer for the dentistry for the handicapped, I think we might have to give some leeway.
  • Closing with a joke is the best way to make light of a situation. I understand that you are writing this in jest the same way I’m responding to it as a jest. We’re having a jest in the kings court.

    To close, shouldn’t your boss be keeping a close eye on you? Wasting time commenting on my blog. Tsk, Tsk. Get back to work.