I woke up with some red, itchy feeling on the back of my ankle. So whenever something is on my body my first thought is to think how it could have got there. 3 things came to mind. First being that my socks were below my shoes when I was playing golf and the constant rubbing up against the golf shoes caused it. Second, also golf related, I got some sort of poison ivy from searching the brush for lost balls. Now the 3rd, and the one I think it probably is but the easiest one to overlook. I purchased an ice pack and it says not to apply against your skin without the cloth that comes with it. Obviously I disregard this but considering I applied it directly to the spot that is now irritated, I think this makes the most sense. Reason for the post?

Things usually don’t happen for no reason. People get sick because of bacteria that they are surrounding themselves with. Peoples immune systems differ and some people get sick easier than others. Aside from things like pimples, if there is something on your skin, it probably got there because of some external reason. Anytime I get sick, I always try to think of what I was doing that could have led to it, and then take notice and try not to do it again. I just wanted to point out this simple observation where I think most people think things just happen just because.