I’m going to give my thoughts on worst jobs that differ a bit from McDonald’s cashier or cleaning up horses turds at a farm.

1. Insurance Salesman – This would be my least favorite career out of them all. You have to convince yourself that you are selling something that is beneficial to people. This is not the case with insurance. Justify as much as you want that insurance is good for you and all I have to say is that if the premiums didn’t outweigh the money being paid out, no insurance companies would exist. My problems with insurance.

Any time a claim comes to light the insurance company is going to do anything they can to weasel out of it. Who actually feels comfortable that no matter what the issue, your insurance company is looking out for you and not themselves? My other problem, and here’s an example, I’ve had car insurance for 11 years now and have never filed a claim. How come I don’t get a rebate for being a fantastic driver. It’s essentially robbery. I had one instance come up recently where a stone hit my windshield and cracked it. My comprehensive covered it, they sent someone out to stop it from growing but they couldn’t fix it completely and once I turn my car in I’m going to have to get a new windshield. Great help there insurance agent!

So why I believe insurance agent is the worst job now that you know that I find the benefits of insurance hidden. So assuming your OK with selling a mystery product, you have to find your own clientele. This involved actively seeking people and then trying to sell them some bs. Most people aren’t looking to spend money on nothing, you have to push your product on these people. That combination makes this profession, in my opinion, one of the most difficult to be successful at. It takes a tough mindset that will be forced with rejection and difficulty. The benefit is that once you have a client, it’s recurring income and you collect off them each time they pay a premium. That’s why people hate insurance agents, they act like they are helpful but their main goal in life is to make money off you. Don’t forget that. I have friends that are insurance agents and they are nice, honest people, they are doing absolutely nothing wrong but trying to make a living but you really have to convince yourself what you sell is legit because in my lifetime, I’ve never been the beneficiary, always the one being bent over.

2. Parking Authority – You are disliked by everyone. Not one single person likes getting a parking ticket. You walk around and you are despised by the population. Your goal at this profession is to figure out how to write a ticket in less than a minute so you don’t have to get yelled at by the person who you are writing a ticket to. I’d rather work anywhere. Aside from the IRS I can’t think of a job where you are more hated. I also bet there is added pressure by the city to meet a quota. So not only do you feel like a dick all the time but you are pressured into being a dick. Horrible all around.

3. Fundraising Software Salesman for Non-Profits – This is obviously a joke but I know some people will get a kick out of it. Now I know someone who does this and I’m going to explain the bit that I know after hearing way more about it than I care to. Let’s focus on the Non-Profit end of things. These are business and groups of people who earn money through grants from the gov’t and fund raising to do beneficial things for society. Now these groups absolutely need the fundraising software to track the donations they receive. There is nothing wrong in selling them what they NEED. The fine line of moral dilemma is when you start selling them things they will never use. To put this situation in everyday life, LA fitness is taking 35 dollars away from me every month during the summer. I’m inactive and I just don’t cancel my membership because I still might want to go. We can translate this scenario to all software company’s who sell licenses to use their software. Their job is to sell licenses, as many as possible, because there is no additional cost to selling user licenses. Now put at the helm a buyer who works at a non-profit and they are absolutely clueless because they aren’t business savvy. They are usually volunteering or making 20k a year. They are taking the governments money, buying more licenses than they need, never using them and people make money off of their inactivity. Dumb people, taking tax payers money, buying things they think they need because someone is telling them they need it, and now we have a job that is making my list. Have fun sleeping at night CK4.