If you click on the picture you can get a closer look at my website stats (and desktop). I feel its important to let my readers know where this site is at. The bounce rate at 67% is pretty high, meaning people come and then bounce off. This was particularly true during that major spike of traffic where Suri Cruise was driving bounces. The avg time of 57 seconds is decent considering it’s my personal site where most people aren’t spending hours and hours reading. You’ll see the traffic has steadied off after that major spike but that’s understandable. I had a big head during that spike thinking I was set for life. As is, I’m continuing at it. The top keywords are Suri, Tatyana Ali, Ashley Banks, and Alex Mack.

The problem with the site is that there isn’t really any content driver. I’ve had a few people here or there click on the top 25 musicians but it’s just cluttered with all my other stuff that it gets no real attention. It’s obviously pretty difficult to turn a personal site into massive traffic but after 2+ years I suppose things are going alright. Starting a site from scratch at this point seems pretty difficult as my other site is floundering. The obvious answer to do a better job is keep posting. I’ve been doing ok I feel but I get stuck at times and I can only wonder how many of you really care what my stance on how to talk on the phone is. I do feel that people generally prefer going to a site and seeing something opposed to nothing. That’s where I’m at though and I just wanted to take a minute to share this info. Thanks again for reading.