Jess Baker said she is doing a paper on whether or not cell phones should be allowed in schools and classes and asked me if I had an opinion. Considering I have at least an opinion on most things, I told her I would create a post and share. I’m sure any comments people have no the subject would be appreciated.

I’m not really sure I understand the question exactly because my thought is it would be impossible not to have cell phones in school. Kids have cell phones and telling them to not bring them to school would be like taking their life force. It’s like prohibition that banning them isn’t an option because they would just find ways around it. I read a pro for a phone in school is that parents aren’t able to contact their kids in an emergency situation. I sort of scoff at that because the amount of time this happens is minimal and calling the office probably takes a minute more. I also see that a pro is so students can alert authorities of emergency’s they come across. That’s fine but also happen rarely. I ask, does my kid NEED their phone in school? I would like them to have it in their bag but not abuse it. I know that’s ideal because there really isn’t any middle ground there. If they have it on them, they are going to use it.

That being said, I don’t really like the idea of phones in schools. I find them to be a huge distraction compared to a wonderful learning tool. Are we arguing the point that kids are going to be looking up information on their phones during class? Isn’t that what the teacher is for? In 2011, I lack what it’s like in school. I don’t know if kids are taking their phones out in class non-stop and it’s just easier to allow them in class then to try to stop them. I’ve always found it to be extremely rude when people look at their phone over conversing with other people. It just shows a sense of boredom. How would the teacher feel if they are teaching a lesson and half the kids had their heads down with their thumbs going rampant texting away. Plus kids will have their phones ringing because they forgot to vibrate them which will get annoying.

This is my perfect world. Kids bring their cell phones to school and set them to vibrate. They never use them in school except to look at them and see if any emergency/important contacts are trying to reach them. Knowing that this isn’t possible and any kid that has a phone is going to be texting, playing games or communicating, I would try to make a rule that kids can use them as they please outside of class. Even this isn’t possible because there’s no doubt kids will use them in class. I used to use my TI-83 to play Drug Wars in class non-stop. It’s no different, kids will find a way to distract themselves instead of learning. I guess the question is do you just let it happen or try to control it. I think it’s hard to answer because letting it happen shows a lack of rule and controlling it is like throwing a rock at a hornet’s nest. I tend to lead to not allowing them but then my brain says that you might as well just let the little devils use it and it might just be easier. Sorry Jess Baker, I can’t decide.