Lindsay Lohan has the notion of being famous for being famous. She isn’t a tremendous actor and hasn’t really had a great career. Aside from cute, little Lindsay in the Parent trap at age 11, and then a relatively good role in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, I haven’t seen her in anything. Important to note these roles were when she was most likely clean and had her head on straight pre 20 years old. In 2007, she racked up two DUI’s and numerous visits to rehab. She pretty much lost control and has been a Britney Spears train wreck ever since. Honestly, all Lindsay means to me is a double scoring word in Scattergories for things you throw away. HOWEVER, I do find one thing about her unbelievable. Her boobs are just so amazing. I just don’t really see where they come from. I know in Mean Girls she was full, figured near perfect 10, and then she turned to coke, got skinny in her anorexic days, but she still maintains these amazing boobs. Here are some pics of a transformation and I just assume implants but I have no idea.

She’s probably 20 or so in this and has a tight stomach, pretty face, nice rack. Just an awesome picture. (What is that leg btw?) It’s sad to see her turn into present day Lindsay.

Her complexion is scary, the hair is ugly, she seems like a coke whore but look at how big that tit is. I was just in disbelief when I saw this. TMZ had it up and this picture wasn’t enough to make me post this but then lightning strikes twice?

Look at the direction her boobs are going? They are huge and two nip shots in a week is just making me think that this is was she’s resorted to. This is what she’s become famous for, on purpose nip shots. She lost her Lindsay allure and it’s just sad to see it go. She’s just a good example of becoming famous, choosing drugs to cope with the enormous pressure put on her by the paparazzi and other factors of being famous. It really is sad. Also if anyone reads this and can answer whether I’m allowed to post pics from TMZ w/o their permission (even when this site doesn’t make a dime), I’m curious. And I’m sure you people think I’m a perv for making this post like this, but cmon, the effect of this post is much better this way instead of me picking normal pictures of her.