I just went back to post #1 and read about 50 posts from about two years ago. It was a blog but it wasn’t a really good blog. I honestly feel that the present day entries I have been putting out have been good reads. Back then my thoughts were all over the place, there are no images, its just a lot of gibberish. There are some funny things but I had no SEO, bad titles, and there was barely any concepts to the posts. I know I still write posts about my life which are nonsense but I feel like it’s focused nonsense. I think just owning this site has been a really good experience for me and I hope to develop this website one step further. What I really could use is some feedback. I’m basically pleading for help here. If you read this blog on a fairly regular basis, can you give me any thoughts on what you like, what you don’t like, what I should do more of. I’ll even give you some nudging. Do you like when I pick something like Klosterman’s questions and answer them? Do you like reading about my daily life? Do my opinions on facebook, movies, and celebs make for interesting reads? Is current news make for good posts? When I started this blog it was about me. Now I have tried to turn it into my thoughts entertaining you. It can still be a journal but there has to be more then just my boring life. You can help me tailor it to something better. Any thoughts are appreciated.