I’ve decided to choose the Shee for my second player biography. I feel like these turn more into a psychological analysis of the person rather then my dissection of their abilities on our softball team. Basically it’s me nitpicking a person’s strengths and weaknesses and pointing them out in my blog. Baker told me that he thought his was relatively accurate so I’ll see what I can do with the Shee. I also can only do people that I know well because I really write what I believe is accurate and I need to have spent a decent amount of time with the person. Here you go Shee, this is your moment in the limelight.

The name the Shee is derived from Addashee, which has some back story that I’m not 100% familiar with. The more recent nickname has been “Bro” because to him everyone gets called Bro, so it came full circle. The Shee has been part of almost all teams except our basketball team which he just likes saying no to when I ask him. At this point it’s almost a running gag because he has this mentality that since I didn’t ask him to play on the very first team we put together, I didn’t want him on the team and now he just sticks it to me every time I ask. He has been a member of our softball, football, and even the sole season of volleyball.

The Shee has been known for his blazing speed around the base paths and burning defenders on long bombs in football. Just kidding, the Shee has lead feet but that doesn’t stop him from being extremely effective anywhere on the field. I want to point out that it won’t matter what type of compliment I give, he’ll always think I’m being sarcastic. So that last line of extremely effective, he’ll read that as “a waste of space” and think I’m completely writing that just to be nice. However there is truth to what I write. Even though he’s not the fastest or the strongest (he’s been on an all protein diet that has him jacked up beyond your wildest imagination), he plays the games intelligently. I’m telling you that the Shee is fundamentally sound and knows how to play games well. Aside from striking out in slow pitch softball, in the 2nd to final at bat of the game, in a much needed win for the team, I can’t think of many more errors.

The Shee is our defensive lineman for football and has the much acclaimed tip the QB’s pass up to yourself interception in the championship game last season. His creative blitz scheme of calling out a number to let the defense (and offense) know if he’s blitzing or not shows the leadership position he’s willing to undertake. He’s like a Steve Largent at wide receiver with the ability to rely on route running to get open opposed to speed. He sometimes takes my cleats and forgets to return them.

I think the Shee will agree that his volleyball game is probably the most impressive out of any sports we play. This is a game I really don’t find that much fun and almost refuse to play but Adam is definitely one of the best players I’ve seen play considering he can jump about 6 inches off the ground. He has a good serve and a good knack for the ball. His softball ability is pretty solid and we are going to get to see him pitch a complete game in about 2 week so I’m definitely looking forward to that. We saw him get some action at the hot corner a few weeks ago error free. He made one off line throw last week that I would have gotten if it had just been a bit more accurate…

This is my real favorite paragraph to write because you’ll get my inside look on other things than just sports. I will completely admit the Shee is the best Scattergories player of the group. I’m sure Evan will read this and disagree but his answers are usually legit (unlike Evan’s) and he’s probably the best at the doubles. He’s also the best dancer of our group, which isn’t really saying much but noteworthy for him being white and Jewish. His golf game is coming along and I haven’t seen many club slams this year which means that his focus and game management should be improving. He’ll probably think his poker game is the best too but I beg to differ, stats in 2006 don’t correlate to today. I’d say the Shee also gets ridiculed a fair amount but it’s because he makes it really easy on himself. Bake tends to keep “the bro” grounded with tasteful shots here and there. Also he’s our insider in the rap/hip hop music to keep us white people up to date with “hot” and “fire” music. I have plenty of stories about the Shee but I’ll save them for another time.