I’ve had a couple people tell me they liked my “journal” entries a few weeks ago of when I was handwriting a “journal” back in 08′. I assume the difference is that I was writing with the intention of no body ever reading those entries compared to my “blog”, where I tailor what I want people read. I assume people might like those better because it goes with my theory that honesty is the best policy and that people respect honesty. I suspect that people like to read about my inner thoughts because they can compare them to how they think. Most of the time when I’m writing its just my random thoughts and not my personal thoughts. I believe there is some importance to maintaining a certain degree of privacy and not being a complete open book. If turning this blog into a personal journal was going to vault me to stardom I’d have no problem doing it but I can’t foresee that happening. I will however keep in mind that people may prefer a more inside look on my life and thoughts.

One little thing I would like to note is that my traffic has been slumping. I’m averaging about 100 people a day and that is way down from a few months ago. I lost all the random traffic I suppose which really shouldn’t bother me that much but for some reason there is a feeling of reward when you know more people read what you write. It makes you feel important. It also motivates you to keep at it. I’ve pretty much been doing this for so long that if high traffic was my motivator I would have stopped a long time ago but it’s always in the back of mind. The concept of linking out and putting the blog’s name out there is what I have to do more of but just never care enough to. I just like updating people on the status of my site every so often if anyone ever cares.