Jess Baker gave me this idea of a player profile and I’ll at least give it a try. If you find this post to be amusing please let me know and I’ll keep on doing them. I figure I’ll start with the Team Captain. He’ll hate that I’m doing this to but I just get excited when I think about who’s coming up in the pipeline.

I’d like to think that we probably wouldn’t have any teams, in any league, if it wasn’t for Matt Baker. Probably the most responsible out of all team members, he has the ability to field a team for just about every sport. When he’s not giving out investment advice during his nine to five, he’s filling every free minute with some extracurricular activity whether it be these social sports leagues, coaching little kids, volunteering, or earning whatever degree he’s getting next. A class act on and off the field and probably the most modest person I know, I strongly believe Bake is the reason for whatever success we have in these leagues.

Bake doesn’t wow anybody with his physical attributes. He’s not the fastest or the strongest guy on the field or court but he plays the games better then most. Unlike some other people on the team, Bake will never jump down your throat for making a bad play and makes it enjoyable to be on his team. He’s probably too hard on himself as well but I think that’s what makes people better then others. I don’t mean to downplay his physical abilities either because he wouldn’t be as good as he is if he were an out of shape goon.

He led our bunch of misfits football team to a league championship in our first year in the league. As the QB, I think he managed the game better then every other Q. Yes he makes some stupid passes every now and then but knowing when to run for firsts and when to throw to a girl isn’t the easiest of tasks. I know the competition is iffy but without a good QB you aren’t winning games in any league. I don’t care what CK4 says but he isn’t going to be a better QB then Bake.

On the baseball field it’s harder to differentiate yourself but I think it’s fair to say Bake can play anywhere on the field well. He even pitched last game which is pretty impressive if you never have done it before. I know if that were me being told to pitch I would be all over the place and it would just get ugly. I also learned from Bake that hitting to opposite field is the best way to get hits and probably won’t ever hit to left field again. Teams put their worst fielders in right so why not try to hit it to them. Bake sets the lineups and is essentially the coach so I think the team might be in disarray without him.

I’ve played in a few basketball league with Bake and basketball leagues are tougher to win. Bake’s got a good shot and plays the game well. Ck4 would be quick to say that he’s not clutch but I’d trust him with big shots. We are relatively competitive with Baker on the court and I can’t think of many circumstance we’d ever be better off without him.

I know it seems like I’m on Bake’s nuts and can’t contain my enthusiasm for his athletic prowess but I just want everyone who reads this to understand what Bake brings to the table. Not only do you get the organization and responsibility, but you get an athlete to help you win leagues. For some traits that make Matt Baker human. I think he gets distracted really easily. He was driving and talking on the phone at the same time and completely forgot to get off at the exit. He’s complete garbage at driving. His dance moves are suspect at best. JKash and I know that he’s full of misinformation. You just assume that if it’s coming from Bake’s mouth that it must be true but that’s not always the case. His needling of Ck4 shows that he derives pleasure from messing with special cases. His choice of music is pretty funny and the “new” songs he likes have usually been on the radio for 6 months. To close though, Matt Baker doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and is an all around good guy and good athlete. Bake you have my blogs stamp of approval. Feel free to add any tidbits in the comments section.