I think it’s unbelievable how 30 years can change the world. I am going to show a couple pictures from different era’s and just explain the ridiculous transformation of how females are evolving into prettier beings.

1980’s Cowboys Cheerleaders

By today’s standards the girl in the middle wouldn’t even be allowed in the stadium let alone a cheerleader. The girl on the right has ugly bangs and the girl on the left is coming in at a solid 6. Notice they are mainly flat. These girls would provide me absolutely no entertainment value.

1989 Eagles Cheerleader

She has a decent rack but the uniform is hideous and it looks like she showed up to work after being plowed all night. This is my favorite hair color though but I think her bangs are again out of whack. I’d guess she’s in her 30’s and I would assume today’s girls are mostly in their mid 20’s.

1987 Rams Cheerleader

YIKES!!!!!! The headband is a complete fashion disaster and the uniform looks like she found a flag in her front yard and draped herself in it. The pom-poms are way too big and I’m not talking about hers. Plus she has poiny elbows.

2006 Eagles Cheerleader

This is actually my favorite hair color. Any type of blondish/brown is good by me and notice that it’s actually straight and there aren’t any dumb bangs goofing everything up. This particular girl seems like she’s carrying some love handles but the abs look tight. Boobs seem adequate. I think her face is very hot. She has a small nose, white teeth, nice smile and pretty eyes.

Modern Day Eagles Girls

I’d fall for the girl on the right. She has the cute smush face and a tight, tight body. Perfect hair color to boot. The one on the left has the same I got plowed last night kind of look but she’s not too bad. Notice though that they both have nice bodies and great blond hair.