This phrase tilts me so hard. It’s a phrase that people use as a segway when they are trying to think of something to say. Meaning they aren’t quick enough to say what they want to say so they say this before hand. Example, at the end of the day, we are all just people. Or we are all just people. I’m not sure where this came from but I literally heard it at least 10 times just today, one guy said it 4 times in a span of 15 minutes. I just think people should try to be as succinct as possible when speaking. Long winded people tend to babble on and only say relevent things sporadically. Think of what point you are trying to explain, and then say it in as few words as possible. What I’m doing now is the exact opposite of explaining what I mean using as many words as possible but I still think this drives the point home.

I’ve turned into somewhat of a Russell Brand fan after watching Get Him to the Greek tonight. I’m somewhat familar with his whole back story of drugs and banging broads and then becoming reformed and marrying Katy Perry. You would think with his stupid accent, tight pants, and just borderline annoying I would despise him but I find him quite witty. The words he uses are from a very intelligent person and he speaks very eloquently. I’m really impressed with his whole demeanor, plus he’s married to Katy Perry who I also love (post boob job). Now is that fair that I didn’t think she was hot pre boobs and now is post? I’ve wrote before I’m as shallow as the kiddie pool.

I’ve got my doctors appointment tomorrow and hopefully all goes well and recovery is on pace. I really just want to get back to walking regularly so I can feel like a part of society again. When you have crutches everyone is so willing to lend a helping hand or be extra nice which is honestly just kind of annoying. JC must have asked me at least 5 times today if I needed anything and it got to the point that even if I did need something, I wouldn’t have said I did. My mom was also nice enough to drive to Barnes and Noble and buy me the book “Toys” by James Patterson which I think may be interesting. I’ll write more about once I start reading it. What the fuck is up with this new verision of IE. I’m on the last line of wordpress and it keep bringing me to the top and then brings me back to where I’m typing but I can’t see where I’m typing when it keeps bringing me back up top. Maybe that’s a sign to quit this post and wait til I get back home to normal grounds to start another post. That’s all for now. Plust there’s no spell check so I apologize for any errors because I’m not proof reading this mess.