I’d like to think that my movie reviews aren’t so much an actual review but an entertaining read that just uses the movie for a subject to write about. Considering the Oscars are on tonight I figured I should at least clue myself in on a movie that can win best picture as well as having a plot that pertains to a social media I use practically every day. Back when I was in High School I would see all the new movies within a week of their release but that has changed vastly. Sadly I’m sure most readers have already seen this movie months ago and I’m bringing up the tail end of currentness but I’ll still give my thoughts.

I thought the movie was really good even if the truth wasn’t nearly as entertaining as they made it out to be. I went into the movie thinking I wouldn’t like it but after it was over I was pretty impressed by how well done it was. I dislike Jesse Eisenberg and I still dislike his acting. I know they tell him to act smug and a smartass as Zuckerberg but everything about him just bothers me. I think Justin Timberlake was pretty good and the twins played their parts well. I was entertained for 2 full hours and can see why people would vote this as best picture.

I just think they did a marvelous job depicting the evolution of facebook. How it starts as a small social network and then just continued to grow into this behemoth it is today. I like how they used the Napster creator for guidance in how to move a project to the next level which I think is very difficult without someone who has done it before. Is that true that they were working with Napster’s creator? I think it also shows how difficult it can be to find people who can work together towards varying goals and visions. From a business standpoint I really like this movie.