I believe the way people dress can say a lot about their personality. People who go to work in a suit everyday might be more conservative, neat, and organized compared to the free spirit who would dress in sandals, worn out jeans, and a t-shirt. I’m going to back this up with a look at a few of my t-shirts and see what we can find out.

Guinness Shirt

The Rolling Stones


Blue Polo


Led Zeppelin Shirt

A couple of things to notice. One, they are all dark except for the blue one when I want to get wild and crazy. We have classic rock, alcohol, gambling, and the standard no-nonsense brand going. I most likely wouldn’t be wearing the t-shirt if there wasn’t anything about it I liked. You won’t find a random NFL team in my wardrobe just because. T-shirts are a very effective advertising method because they get a ton of exposure. If I’m spending the day with you chances are my t-shirt isn’t going to leave my back thus having anyone I come into contact with seeing me with this brand or logo. It’s the subliminal advertising of the t-shirt which works so effectively.

I actually don’t even like Jagermeister but I think the shirt makes me look way tougher than I am. Plus the Sheee got it after macking it with shot girl so it was free. I also don’t so much like the Stones but old people can identify with them and it’s hard to really diss a band that has been popular for decades. I wear Polo for the same reason. Basically they have been a strong brand and even if it makes you look preppy it’s hard to make fun of you for wearing it. I bought the Borgata shirt one time after I lost some money just so I didn’t feel like I was walking away empty handed (although a much lighter wallet). I am fond of both Led Zeppelin and Guinness.

Now I’m sure some people probably don’t give any thought to what design is on their shirt because a t-shirt is only a t-shirt. Look at CK4, he has a 2003 Penn State basketball shirt. We know a few things, he probably used to play ball and he doesn’t buy t-shirts very often. I have so many 5k running t-shirts that I could have made that my entire wardrobe but I would feel like such a dork. I also like to buy some new shirts every so often just to keep it fresh because they tend to shrink after a lot of washes. There’s my thought on the t-shirt.