Tomorrow at 9am the Frostbite 5 miler will start. I probably drank a bit too much on Wednesday but I don’t think that should effect me for Saturday. I’m feeling pretty good and did a short run today to confirm that. I’m looking to go sub 30 minutes and anything better would just be a bonus. The weather looks like its going to be beautiful which is awesome for me and my aversion to run in the cold. Based on last years results that should get me about 20 of 1500. I had a pretty lackluster year last year and hopefully this run will start me off on a good note for the season. I have maybe 6 runs on the agenda this year with the Broad Street and Distance Run being the main ones with some 5k’s tossed in there. I’m in good shape from a speed perspective but I think I could use some longer runs in my repertoire to increase the endurance. I am healthy and expect to turn some heads with a nice time at my old age. I’ll bring a camera to get a picture or two.

I still apologize for the ads on the side now but I don’t think they are too distracting and if anyone finds them annoying, please let me know. The benefit of the ads is that if I am able to make some money for doing something so easy and stupid, I’ll probably post more and try to build the most traffic possible. I still flounder when it comes to specializing in something. When serious sites try to build traffic they focus in on creating content. My content is so random that it really doesn’t fit in anything. Hence my problem. I’m just hoping to be entertaining and hope that works.