After waiting 11 days for Sam to check in with his WordPress experts, I ask him, “any update on the new site?”
He responds, “they said this is a project you can do yourself.”

Now I started wondering, how many more days were going to pass before Sam was going to tell me that nothing was happening?

That aside, we still need to think of a URL. He threw out WakeUpSheeple which even though I think sheeple is overused, it does play into what we are trying to accomplish.. I decided to Google “phrases with people” to substitute sheeple (I liked wethesheeple) and this came up.

WTF?!?! There were about 100 different sentences that came up and one has my name in it. Now there are a few thoughts that go through my mind and the main one being my computer has to be thinking. I’ve been watching the Black Mirrors and if you are going to argue differently, you better come at it REAL STRONG.

Aside from that, I still like the wedontwalkslow mantra. Picking the new URL is tough because you have to live with it as Sam found out with Bansheemann. It decides whether you get off the ground on the right foot. Any suggestions?