I’m seeing a lot of Philly gear on fans who I have to question if they are new fans or actual fans. Eagles hats. Sixers shirts.¬†Phillies jerseys. Flyer whatever hockey fans wear.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing the apparel of your city. It’s a bit bandwagon to start wearing it now that the Birds won the Superbowl and the Sixers are crushing lower class teams on a run to the playoffs. Here are a few simple questions that you have to be able to answer if you want to wear a Philadelphia sports team’s gear.

  • How many games are in a season?
    • If the answer isn’t 16, 82, or 162, you shouldn’t be wearing sports attire of that sport. I honestly don’t know hockey, I’d guess 80 without looking it up).
  • Can you name the best player on the team?
    • If you can’t name Carson, Jojo, Ben, or guess Mike Schmidt or Chase Utley – no dice.
  • Do you know where the stadium is?
    • Acceptable answer is South Philly, near the Xfinity center, right off the subway on Broad.

That’s it. If you know that much, support the team as much as you want. If you don’t, you’re a fair weather fan who shouldn’t participate. I’m not saying you can’t go to a game, I’m saying you’re a huge phony who should re-evaluate their life because if you can convince yourself that you are a Philly fan, I’m sure you have WAY bigger life issues that go deeper than that as a human being.

I’ll be the first to say that I haven’t supported these teams to the degree I know others have. The difference is that I don’t fake it. If you asked me if I was an Eagles fan or a football fan this season, I’d 100% say football. I cared more about my DK lineups and fantasy than the Eagles. I didn’t think the Eagles had a chance with Foles as the QB. This didn’t mean I root against the Birds, it means that I don’t cry myself to sleep if they lose. I can still enjoy rooting and supporting them when the time is right. I’m a fan. I know the game. I know when to cheer. I can make educated opinions on what I’m viewing. I’m a sports fan.

People in the city now are riding the wave of success which has been long overdue. Philadelphia has always been a class city that didn’t get the respect it deserved because the sports teams didn’t get it done. We are seeing an age where Philly is delivering and it’s awesome. The die hard’s will always be around. The next level of fans are the people we need to worry about to maintain the authenticity that Philly is.